Electronic Circuit Engineer


Minimum Education:

Junior high school and below

Recruiting Number:


Experience Requirements:

1-3 years

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with control theory, power electronics, analog circuits, etc., to understand battery balance management;

2. Familiar with technical indicators of electrical components such as high and low voltage relays, connectors and wiring harnesses;

3. Proficiency in common electrical components and electrical interfaces and corresponding technical requirements (such as power supply, CAN, etc.);

4. Have good English reading, listening and speaking skills;

5. Have fast learning ability, good language skills, excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit.


1. Responsible for the electrical architecture design and design of the power battery system;

2. Responsible for the design and development of the power battery system equalization module;

3. Responsible for the evaluation of EMC/EMI issues in the power battery system.

Address: Lixun Technology, Huanghe Industrial Park, North Section of Weiwu Avenue.

Contact: Mr. Qiao Hou