The company's vision: to enhance the value of quality, to be the most trusted power battery company in China.

With the heart of a Chinese son and daughter, Lixuan Technology pursues the social morality of “industry for the country and Ze is the society” with the patriotism of the boxing and patriotism. The ideal of the people of science and technology is to enhance the value of the enterprise with product quality and let Lixuan Technology Growing into the most trusted power battery company.

The company's goal: to continue to develop, continue to exceed the pursuit of the company to become a new energy benchmarking company!

Lixuan Technology advocates constantly exploring new markets and continuously developing new products, making Lixuan Technology a benchmark for power batteries!

The company's mission: to be the world's most stable manufacturer of lithium-ion power batteries.

Lixuan Technology advocates that quality stability is the company's unswerving pursuit. Stable quality requires a stable workforce, stable working status and life status, and leads all employees to build the most stable global quality. To provide customers with the most stable quality products, work together with customers to develop, harmonious and win-win.

Core Values: Casting the quality of the product with force

Lixuan Technology firmly believes in creating the future, and advocates the practice, practicality and effectiveness of the people. The company focuses on continuous improvement of products and creates high-quality products with exquisite professionalism.

The company's belief: to create the future.

Lixuan Technology firmly believes in creating the future and advocating practice, practicality and effectiveness.

The company's purpose: to work together for a win-win situation, the foundation is long-lasting.

Lixuan Technology cooperates with customers to develop together, achieve harmony and win-win, pay attention to employees' physical and mental health, promote social harmony and stability, promote enterprises to continue to make profits, and build a century-old shop of Lixuan Technology.

The company's customer view: everything is based on customer satisfaction.

Lixuan Technology advocates the interests of customers first, and everything is based on customer satisfaction.

The company's product view: continuous improvement, quality stability

Lixuan Technology firmly believes that products cannot be consistently developed for ten years, focusing on continuous improvement of products and ensuring stable product quality to meet market demand.

The concept of talents in Lixuan Technology: both ability and political integrity

Decai-German: Morality, in real life, usually manifests in the spirit of professionalism, responsibility, principle, integrity, unity and cooperation, and the spirit of courage to overcome difficulties and accomplish tasks. Talent: Talent, planning ability, decision-making ability, command coordination ability and innovation ability in actual work.

Both - at the same time have excellent character and talent

Professional - with superb professional ability, hard work on business knowledge, must have a skill;

Enterprising - the Yellow River must be self-motivated, self-improvement, continuous learning, continuous learning and innovation;

The style of Lixuan Technology: earnestly, keep the promise

Serious is quality, fast is efficiency, and persistence is promise

The principle of Lixuan Technology: abandoning inaction as a guarantee to complete the task

We abandon all acts of inaction and advocate that all actions of the Yellow River Whirlwind must achieve the desired results.

The training of Lixuan Technology: Doing things in a down-to-earth manner

We advocate that everything must be done in a down-to-earth manner, not in a dream, not in a false voice, but only in a pragmatic attitude.


Company Culture


  Lixuan Technology Declaration

We are at the peak of the industry, doing the giants

Practice, practicality, effectiveness

Correct and adjust in the hard work

Test and improve in practice

Learn and discover in practice

Add courage and create opportunities in the hard work

We firmly believe that hard work will definitely create the future.