R & D

Henan R&S Technology Co., Ltd. R&D Center, leading the company's product technology research and development; mainly focused on battery product research and development, battery system research and development and new battery system research and development. Based on the R&D center, the company applied for the Xuchang Soft-Package Lithium Ion Power Battery Engineering Technology Research Center and the Xuchang Enterprise Technology Center, and passed the examination and approval.

The R&D Center has an intelligence room, development department, technical department and testing department.

Information Room: Responsible for the collection of industry technology and market frontier direction, providing information support for the company's development direction; responsible for company outreach work, responsible for the company's scientific and technological work management.

Development Department: Responsible for the development of battery core materials, to ensure that the company's battery core research and development to maintain domestic leadership. Responsible for battery development, ensuring battery performance and cost control to stay ahead; responsible for the actual development of the company's battery frontier technology. Responsible for the company's PACK system development, to ensure that the system's safety and reliability, intelligent level to stay ahead.


R&D Institution